Quote, Unquote – Nick Aldis :

“Triple H. He’s one of the people that made me want to get into the industry. In the sense that I was a fan of the business — Bret Hart was my hero. Let’s not get that twisted. Bret Hart is my hero and I wanted to be like Bret as a kid but I just wanted to be cool like Bret. It was more about the overall sort of moral values and stuff that he, you know, work hard and fight for what’s right. But by the time I started articulating like, ‘I think I might want to do this,’ it was like when I started to realize when I was watching Triple H and The Rock feud in 2000 and as big a fan of The Rock as I was and everyone was and people still are, there was a little part of me that was going, ‘It’d be kind of cool to be Triple H in this situation,’ and the way he wrestled and the way he controlled the story, the way he controlled the movement in the ring, the way he — it was very reminiscent of Harley Race and guys like that and that’s obviously what I latched on to and sort of what appealed to me.”


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