Check Out The Ultimate £10000 Steven Wilson Boxset :

Man, I love a good boxset, where a band or artist makes an artistic statement and creates magic. Of course, they are often (hello Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Blur again) out of my price range. Steven Wilson has certainly priced this edition of his new album The Future Bites, out of my range, but that is okay as it is already sold out. Now you can check out the box, thanks to its new owner who, in pure 2021 style has unboxed it on Youtube. I love the art gestures, such as quotes and polaroids in the box and the print that claims ‘Now you have opened this box, you have halved the value.’. Brilliant.

As well as handwritten lyrics and photos as well as the album on white label as well as the white label singles, the magic here, for me, is the fact that you get Steven Wilson’s very own Grammy medallion – I did not even know that you GOT a medallion for a nomination, every day is a school day, and you also get his official certificate for his nomination. There’s a cassette with unheard treats (‘Obscure Media’ as it is labelled) and also a one track recording that is completely exclusive to this box. Let that sink in, a limited edition of one featuring a song only appearing here. Spending £10000 gives you the right to put it out into the world if you so please. Perhaps it says too much about me that I was surprised to hear the owner say he is going to put it up online for all to enjoy, I think I would keep it, play it to girls, bore people at parties, if Steven Wilson fans go to parties, I dunno. As well as all the exclusives you also get the Limited Edition box inside your bigger box, this one was in a run of 5000, long since sold out and the box version is, you guessed it , 0001/5000.

For me, it is just the normal version of The Future Bites, but I love this art attack and am very jealous of the dude who bought it. 🙂


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