Nick Jonas To Star In Super Bowl Ad For Type One Technology :

For something as widespread as Type One Diabetes, I some times find it strange how undercover it remains, barely seen on TV or in movies, it seems to be a silent condition. Since being diagnosed in the 00’s, Nick Jonas has used his celebrity to encourage people to learn more about our condition through his partnership with which I encourage you to visit.

Now Nick J is to appear during the Super Bowl ad break, the most hyped and expensive commercial run of the year, showing off Dexcom’s new glucose meter. When I was first diagnosed I tested my blood by bleeding onto a strip and then reading the colour of the result against a chart. Seems prehistoric now, in the days when I just prick myself onto a fingerstick and a machine gives me my blood result in 5 seconds. Now Dexcom are making THIS seem like yesterday’s way, thanks to their new system that can instantly send your blood results to your phone, so it is always on hand, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, without that awkward moment where you have to explain the thing you do everyday to confused onlookers.

For more info on the new tech, head to


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