Killer Trailer For Disney’s Cruella :

Emma Stone is one of those always watchable actresses who can light up the screen no matter what the source material. The idea of a Cruella movie was not really one I was up for, seeing as how she is one of the best villains in movie history, just a cold hearted bitch, that I don’t need to know the origins of.

Now here we are, the origins of…Cruella De Vil. Holy cow, what we appear to have here is a female Joker and seeing as I consider that ‘unnecessary origin story’ to be a modern masterpiece, so I shall give this one a go as the trailer is much darker than I was expecting and, of course, Stone looks incredible. Killer, if you will. 🙂

(Hey Disney, you know you already have a perfect version of the Cruella song by Selena Gomez, right?)


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