Happy 35th To The Other Classic Nintendo Franchise :

“You know that the dude is not Zelda, right?”, still something you see on socials every goddamn day. Yes, we know, WE LOVE YOU LINK.

Yes, The Legend Of Zelda is 35 years old today and the magic is that everyone seems to have their own favourites. I played the original NES ones a little bit, but never owned the SNES game. When I got my N64, I had Ocarina Of Time and spent many many many hours in its delightful company. Yet, for me, the Gamecube The Wind Waker was my magical game. I spent every second trying to get further into the story and just getting more and more satisfaction. Amazing. I had the Wii game but just found the controls a little too strange, I wanted the SNES/N64 controller back and now in the 35th year, we are getting Skyward Sword on the Wii so I am sure I am going to pick it up.

Happy birthday Zelda, you glorious franchise. ❤


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