Kendall Kompiles…My ‘The Best Of Alternative 90’s (UK)’ :

The rules – Any officially released songs are eligible : originals, covers, remixes, instrumentals, live, whatever I want.

Each artist can only appear once, thus no solo Manics or Baader Meinhof here, ahhh!

There has to be only 14 songs, 7 on each side, cause we are imagining this as a real record. Or cassette.

(This is a special edition Double Album, 28 songs, four sides, same rules, but it is a decade!)

These are my choices, don’t get angry cause I left out your favourite, make your own, it’s supposed to be fun!

It has to flow, so no 14 ballads collections!

If there are any bands you want to fast track in the series, buy me a coffee and I’ll do those first. 😉

OK? Let’s Play!


London Girls – Duffy
Back In Denim – Denim
Girl A, Girl B, Boy C – My Life Story
To Earth With Love – Gay Dad
3 O’Clock In The Morning – Jack
I Would Fix You – Kenickie
Car Song – Elastica

Faster – Manic Street Preachers
She – Suede
King Of The Fairground Swing – Sexus
Stripper Vicar – Mansun
You’re Gorgeous Too – Babybird
If you Can’t Do It When You’re Young – Theaudience
Be My Light, Be My Guide – Gene

Country House – Blur
Give Her A Gun – Echobelly
You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For – Catatonia
Your Ma – Salad
Silver Saturday – Silver
You’re Always Right – These Animal Men
Are You Blue Or Are You Blind? – The Bluetones

Unsolved Child Murder – The Auteurs
Monday Morning 5:19 – Rialto
I’ll Manage Somehow – Menswe@r
Let’s All Go Together – Marion
Acquiesce – Oasis
Wired For Sound – Shed Seven
Nature’s Hated – Orlando


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