Poem – Manchester, Scene 2 :

Ian asked me to buy us some guns.
With his record he would be refused
But I was used to his cute and unusual requests
So I did my best
And it doesn’t take long
With a wink and a swift little smile.

Now we are back on the Moors
Just for entertainment this time.
Shooting holes in Heinz baked bean cans
Ian says we are Bonnie And Clyde
And I’m just glad to be included.
The next day in this secluded place
We lead John through our hallowed footsteps
And Ian goes first to do the deed
While I hold back and feed on the tension.

My lover returns with the small boy’s shoe.
The rules say no victory tokens
But I cannot be mad at him
When he has bought me on this most deadly game.
“He fought hard and this came off!”
He seemed surprised
I loved his smile.

The blades and the shovels
And the discarded bodies
They all sleep underneath the soil
Maybe they dream
Maybe they don’t.
I won’t think of them a second
Except when Ian plays 24 Hours From Tulsa
And then I’ll feel his love for me and dance.
And dance.


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