R.I.P. New Jack :

When an icon dies it can be strange. You know, if god forbid Drew McIntyre died right now, we could easily just talk good about him and quote his friends in WWE and blah blah blah. New Jack is slightly different. For me, he is on the hardcore Mount Rushmore, right next to Cactus Jack, Terry Funk and Mad Man Pondo, but for those outside of the ‘wrestling bubble’ it might be tough to see why this guy was so important.

What is hardcore? That might be a question, and a fair one, basically it involves no rules, so there can be people outside of the match interfering, weapons of all kinds used and you using blades, steps and chairs rather than traditional holds. Enter New Jack. Whilst in ECW, the glorious home of hardcore wrestling, he bled, made other people bleed and jumped off the highest things. He was electric.

Obvs, he could never be a Vinnie Mac player, but he stayed famous on the indie scene, sometimes infamous if he was disrespected. The ‘Mass Transit’ incident is one such scene where he was asked by a competitor to blade him and, man, he did. You can see him destroy Gypsy Joe on YT, it is not sweet, but that is the whole character.

Godspeed, New Jack.


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