Poem – Manchester, Scene 4 :

And so the carnival commences.
The streets bustle with photographers looking for snaps
And Lynch mobs looking for justice.
They are brought to court incognito,
The van we bang upon is merely a decoy,
Of course, they get protected, that’s justice!

I still feel the tension in my throat
As they enter the courtroom.
No look of worry or remorse,
They could be a young couple on the bus
Off to the cinema,
Not looking at life in confinement.

Behind glass, like the animals they are
If I had the strength to stand
If I had the strength to tear down their wall
I would have cut their throats
With the protective layer.
Just like they did to our angel.

14 days of hell
Every second a needle in my heart.
Voyeurs in the gallery only missing popcorn
The murderers still silent and calm as a child.
Not my child.
Not our children.

I thought I would be happier
But my daughter remains in the ground.
I swear Brady looks at me as he exits.
I pray their life sentences never end.
But…when will our endless pain be eased?

Sleep now, rest, forever loved.


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