Kendall’s Problem With…This Week’s WWE Releases :

So, we are but a few weeks away from the new WWE announce teams being revealed, with Pat McAfee joining Smackdown and Adnan Virk taking centre stage on Raw. Aaaaand, Virk is gone. Wait, wha? Yes, after six weeks of television, Raw’s main commentator has been let go. I presumed that Virk and McAfee were brought in to add ‘real sport’ realism to the shows and both seemed to be doing a pretty good job – sure, it was too early to make either of them my favourite team member, but with that thinking, you know, normal fan thinking, it was also too early to throw him out with the rubbish.

Aaaand, with Virk’s firing, we all presumed that Tom Phillips would get to come back and get another chance to shine, he was always great and it seemed strange when he was put on the back burner but…Nope. Today we discovered that WWE has also let go Phillips. Now Virk they could argue that he just did not fit the position, although as I said, it was too early to say, but every viewer knows that Phillips was one of the best, put him up there with Corey Graves and you have a perfect duo. Nope, says Vince, you’re fiiiiiiiiired!

I liked Virk and loved Phillips, please Vince hold onto Corey Graves who is now the best of the best and Michael Cole who seems to be the sole veteran voice. How did you keep Byron (admittedly a lot better now he is less comedic on the current show, but this was probably thanks to Corey and Adnan) Saxton and fire the new blood and the best of the classic blood? *slaps head*


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