TV Review – Friends : The Reunion

You know those times when you are meeting up with an old friend that you used to spend all your time with, but you haven’t met up for a few years and you wonder if you’ll still have the best of times? That was the feeling going into the Friends The Reunion special.

When it was first announced, it sounded as if we were going to get a whole new episode but as time went on, we learnt that it was more of a ‘chat show’ style thing, with no one in character and fvcking James Corden hosting. My alarm bells were ringing at this time, tbh, but I have to admit, that the show was actually a pure joy and for once Corden was not trying to hog the limelight, hell anyone of these stars SHADOWS could out perform him, but he should be applauded for letting them all shine equally.

The scene where one by one they arrive ‘on set’ is quite magical, you can really see their friendships shining through and this escalated as they travelled through the various sets and remembered classic routines from down the years. Of course, the more you loved the series, the more you will get out of this, but it is made for the fans, you want to hear Smelly Cat but played by Lady Gaga and Kudrow? You got it! You wanna see the boys in their Lazy Boy chairs? You got it! You wanna hear which two stars had a thing for each other from the beginning? Well, I won’t spoil that, but it is cool that there are still secrets from a show that you might imagine had been dissected completely by a ravenous fan base.

I would have liked more of Janice and Gunther (who looks completely unrecognisable) perhaps, but this was basically a show about the six main players and over the generous running time, we got to see moments of magic and nostalgia which surely left you at least smiling heartedly to yourself and more likely rummaging through your collections for the old episodes being talked about. Joy in 2021? Here it is, in a bottle! Er, video cassette. Er, you know what I’m saying, it is a must watch for fans. My fears were unfounded, I had a blast.


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