Kendall Kompiles…My ‘The Best Of Jonas Brothers’ :

A question I often get asked…”WHY do you love Jonas Brothers so much…?”, this is from people who share my love of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Metallica, Manic Street Preachers and Suede. Now two of those are ‘boy bands’ if you wanna reduce them to how they began, but now of course, they are known as two of the greatest bands of all time. I don’t need my favourite bands to be ‘judged’ cool. I know that this band has saved my life on occasion, made me feel worth it when I felt like nothing and Nick’s work with diabetes charities has when I feel totally beaten by Type One, got me back up and fighting. I went to America in the mid zeroes and JB were everywhere in Disney World, twice I heard a song that floored me on Radio Disney and both times it was from the Jonas sophomore album, which I picked up and from that day I have bought everything they have released. I’m sure it would be easier to be a fan of whatever the cool thing is, but it could never be as rewarding as what this band has given me. That’s why they all get a thanks in my first book. That’s why I am in the Jonas Vinyl Club, getting the whole back catalogue again but on coloured wax. Try out my ‘best of’, you might like it. If not, it’s cool too. But for me they are Mount Rushmore with McCartney’s crew, Brian Wilson’s band of brothers and Edwards/Moore/Wire/Bradfield.

The rules – Any officially released songs are eligible : originals, covers, remixes, instrumentals, live, whatever I want.

There has to be only 14 songs, 7 on each side, cause we are imagining this as a real record. Or cassette.

These are my choices, don’t get angry cause I left out your favourite, make your own, it’s supposed to be fun! Send yours to @Kendall_laceyUK over on the Tweetbird. 🙂

It has to flow, so no 14 ballads collections!

If there are any bands you want to fast track in the series, buy me a coffee and I’ll do those first. 😉

OK? Let’s Play!




World War III

Pom Poms


Still In Love With You

Only Human

A Little Bit Longer



Hello Beautiful

Don’t Charge Me For The Crime

Before The Storm

Just Friends


When You Look Me In The Eyes


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