Celebrate ‘Metallica’ With Miley Cyrus And Elton John And A MASSIVE Boxset :

Metallica, AKA The Black Album, was one of those life changing albums for me. I had collected everything up until this point and then the week that this album arrived was also the week I first saw the band live, so me and my buddy Duncan spent the whole week playing The Black Album inside and out, learning it all before being blown away but the band sat Donington Monsters Of Rock on the Saturday!

30 years later (gulp!), it is still one of my favourite records and still comes out for regular spins. But now it is time for the super deluxe anniversary edition to drop. I’m guessing I will pick up the 3CD set at a reasonable price, but that does not stop me looking lovingly at the above box, coming in at 229.99, featuring half a dozen DVDs, a book, various memorabilia and an unbelievable 14 CDs of all the Black Album demos and live tracks and out takes you could want. Both editions, along with a vinyl special come out on September 10th.

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL! Nope, also on September 10th (October for physical editions) there will be a side album called The Metallica Blacklist featuring some of today’s top artists covering Black Album favourites. Oddly, instead of just covering the album there are different versions of each song, with 53 songs in total. Weezer covering Enter Sandman? Yes, please! Ghost covering Enter Sandman? Yes, please. For a taste and for a complete Kendallrock double, check out Miley Cyrus and Elton John taking on Nothing Else Matters below. Never has Miley sounded more like classic Stevie Nicks, it is glorious.


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