Kendall’s Problem With…Post ‘Hell In A Cell’ Storytelling :

Oh, Hell In A Cell, how I used to love you. When Taker and Shawn climbed into the unforgiving structure, or when Foley was thrown off of it, it was some of the greatest moments in wrestling history. Then one day Rikishi was included and…yeah, that still rages me. But I’ve already ranted about Hell In A Cell and its position as a ‘b-grade’ PPV recently, go search it out, to recap briefly, Hell In A Cell is the end of an era, the end of a rivalry, the only way that two mortal enemies can ever end things without just going into the parking lot and killing each other. At least, that is how it was conceived, sold to us, built, the payoff was then end of the match and the end of the match was the end of the story.

Whhhhich brings us to…2021. HIAC is more of a shrug than a thrill, sure Drew VS Bobby was worthy of the stip and a hard hitting match but Bayley VS Belair was, shall we call it ‘watchable’ and move on? “Look how evil Bayley is for using Bianca’s hair!!!”, after week after week of Belair whipping all and sundry with it. But I digress. These stories are over now, let’s see where we are going, heading into Money In The Bank, ANOTHER match that used to be fantastic (I saw CM Punk triumph at Wrestlemania, what a thriller! ) but is now just another date on the calendar between the ‘Big 4’.

First. let’s credit RAW with some continuation – Drew cannot challenge for the title as long as Lashley is still champ, this will make Drew even more popular as we all run to the websites and comment sections and suggest that without it Drew would be champion soon, great work, WWE. I applaud you on this one. I’m not happy with Kofi suddenly being the challenger, but New Day has always been a shrugfest for me, I have spent my time waiting for Woods to turn, but instead, oh Kofimania. Again. But my trouble is not with the Monday show, let’s look at Friday…shall we?

Jesus, Belair, please stop giving us the ‘I was the underdog and I came through!’ speech every single week, I loved her in NXT but this is the same sort of ‘you can overcome’ bullshit that I have already buried Kofi for. Let’s see who is going to come and challenge you…Oh. Bayley.

KLAXON. Hell In A Cell is the end of the story. In the same way that Wrestlemania is the end of the story. Oops, opened another can of worms…Rollins/Cesaro? Done at Wrestlemania BUT IT IS HAPPENING STILL. Owens/Zayn? Yep, done but HELL, HERE WE GO AGAIN. At least there are plenty of female talents ready to step up to the plate and, oh no, as I said, and still cannot quite believe, Bayley.

Now don’t get me wrong, Bayley is one of the highlights every week on Smackdown and makes a great champion, her heel version is solid gold and deserves to be champion, but not now, her challenging when we have just seen her beaten inside the most devastating structure of them all TM is just silly. Just let it lie for a while and then send her over to RAW and give us Ripley VS Bayley. Seems so easy, doesn’t it?

All of this is made worse when you watch WWE throwing away talent in great batches. Killian Dain? An absolutely mouthwatering opponent for Lashley or Reigns, if you don’t believe me, go back and watch the War Games match he ruled in in NXT. Fandango? He got a WWE theme song in the UK charts, that sounds like a fan favourite. With him and the equally ejected Breeze being champs in NXT recently, you’d think Vinnie would bring them up and give them another shot at the championships on either show. I genuinely cannot remember who either tag champs are right now. That’s how brilliantly they have been booked. And that is not me being glib, I watch all the shows every week, I’m not wielding a hatchet to kill an enemy, I’m just trying to make one of my greatest passions better.

But maybe that is the problem, we come on the Internet and we bitch and moan, but all Vincent Kennedy McMahon sees is the profits and the ratings and we are all there and he does not look down to what the ‘wrasslin proles’ are saying and feeling. I won’t stop watching RAW and Smackdown but dare I suggest VKM takes a look at a little thing called AEW where the storytelling seems more organic, natural and…this is the most important thing, exciting.


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