The Big Screen Experience Is Reborn :

Throughout the pandemic, there have been a million things to be grumpy about, hell I still have friends climbing the walls in isolation, but as we get closer to the world being unlocked again, good things are happening in the cinematic world which we should be celebrating.

F9 is certainly a film that looks like it blows on the big screen, I loved the first eight, I did not see any of them until., like, 7, but then I was thinking of my dad who loved this sort of action trasher and within two days I had seen all of them. Now the 9th instalment is at the top of the US charts with a $24 million weekend, bringing its total to $491 million worldwide which is definitely a good thing – remember, if the big films make big dollars, then there is more money for the big boys to spend on those indie films we always want to see made. Without F9, no future Sound Of Metal.

Also worth celebrating is the $12.7 million opening gambit of The Forever Purge, the fifth film in one of my favourite series. Cannot wait to see this and get the whole series in one essential boxset.

Get the popcorn ready, baby, we are going back out there!


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