Anthony Reynolds New Book ‘The Promosexuals’ Is HERE!

Wow, I love being excited about new books and this is certainly a Kendallrock must, as Jack singer Anthony Reynolds brings us The Promosexuals. It is the tale of a too-good-for-the-scene UK band finding themselves in the spin dryer of fame and making the most/least of it, doing exactly what you would do if suddenly in the limelight like your heroes Leonard Cohen and Scott Walker (two artists that Reynolds has released excellent books about, go get too!). It’s gonna be like Motley Crue’s The Dirt if Vince Neil read Camus. What more could you want? I’ve read passages via AR’s Facebook and it sounds super interesting. Probably forgot when me and my girlf of the time sat with him at a Suede b-sides fan club after show gig, with a bottle of red wine (A) and a ‘few’ beers (us). Magic.

I already ordered my copy via Amazon, so go over there and order yours now in paperback or on Kindle.

Why not pick up my book My Heart, The Rocket too, some of it was definitely written to a Jack soundtrack. ❤


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