Judas Priest Announce New Collection And 42 Disc Boxset!

Well, here is a collection that certainly rocks. Judas Priest are set to release Reflections : 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music on single CD or double vinyl. “But Kendall, surely a band that has been around that long should have an epic boxset full of everything you could ever want…right?” Okay…how about this…

On October 15th the Reflections boxset will contain, gulp, 42 CDs, every studio album and live release plus many many discs of extra goodies. See the full list down below. The box also includes signed photos of each band member, taken by Ross Halfin, a book, posters and a replica tour programme commemorating British Steel and a (blunt) numbered British Steel souvenir blade. No, really.

Time for you to rediscover the brilliance of Nostradamus, surely?

Judas Priest Reflections: 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music

CD1: Rocka Rolla
CD2: Sad Wings of Destiny
CD3: Sin After Sin
CD4: Stained Glass
CD5: Killing Machine
CD6: Unleashed In the East (Live in Japan 1979)
CD7: British Steel
CD8: Point Of Entry
CD9: Screaming for Vengeance
CD10: Defenders of the Faith
CD11: Turbo
CD12 & CD13: Priest… Live!
CD14: Ram It Down
CD15: Painkiller
CD16: Jugulator
CD17 & CD18: ’98 Live Meltdown
CD19: Demolition
CD20 & CD21: Live in London
CD22: Angel of Retribution
CD23: Nostradamus (Act 1)
CD24: Nostradamus (Act 2)
CD25: A Touch Of Evil Live
CD26 & CD27: Redeemer of Souls
CD29: Firepower
CD30 & CD31: Live In Atlanta ’82 (Previously Unreleased)
CD32: Live At The Mudd Club ’79
CD33 & CD34: Live In Houston ’86
CD35 & CD36: Live In New Haven ’88
CD37: Los Angeles ’90 (Previously Unreleased)
CD38: London ’81(Previously Unreleased)
CD39: Denver ’80 (Previously Unreleased)
CD40: Irvine ’91 (Previously Unreleased)
CD41 & CD42: Beyond Live & Rare: Previously unreleased stereo recordings from the archives


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