Iron Maiden Reveal 17th Album – Senjutsu :

Following the recent release of The Writing On The Wall, classic metallers Iron Maiden have now confirmed that a brand new long player is on the way, and like most releases these days, there are a slew of different formats. There’s the standard 2CD version (the album comes in at over 80 minutes), the deluxe book version, a black vinyl, a silver and black vinyl and a silver and red vinyl. If you want to go all in then there is also a Super Deluxe Boxset which includes the Writing On The Wall mini-movie, posters, artwork and books in a nice little box. (See this version below)

The album is released on September 3rd (the same day as Manic Street Preachers comeback record too, it’s a good day for Kendallrock) and is once again mixed by Kevin Shirley, with Steve Harris picking up a co-production credit.

Here’s the tracklist, song lengths and writing credits :

  1. Senjutsu Smith/Harris 8:20
  2. Stratego Gers/Harris 4:59
  3. The Writing On The Wall Smith/Dickinson 6:13
  4. Lost In A Lost World Harris 9:31
  5. Days Of Future Past Smith/Dickinson 4:03
  6. The Time Machine Gers/Harris 7:09
  7. Darkest Hour Smith/Dickinson 7:20
  8. Death Of The Celts Harris 10:20
  9. The Parchment Harris 12:39
  10. Hell On Earth Harris 11:19


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