Let’s Discuss…Adam Cole, Bay Bay!

Adam Cole has always been the wrestler’s wrestler, one who can drive the fans wild whilst at the same time respect his fellow workers and respect the industry. So, why is he not on the main roster? I mean, following Cole in NXT has always been a blast, he always had the best match at which ever Takeover he was headlining, he had that wrestling magic, where he did not always have to win or win emphatically, to still be standing strong the next day. He has been ready for Raw for months, you could even argue years. If it were up to me, I would have brought up The Undisputed Era as a stable and have them take out The New Day, Retribution and the Samoan Dynasty, before Cole went up against Reigns for the big gold. But instead…they were all kept ‘down’ on NXT. They have climaxed the story a number of times and still we have to put up with Gargano and his Midcard bullshit at the top of the bill. Nope.

And now, it seems Adam Cole is a free agent after Summerslam, which is very close (thanks to Raj Girl for the announcement – https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2021/08/top-wwe-nxt-star-becoming-a-free-agent-soon/ ) and suddenly, it seems the future might be brighter than bright for the best in the division. I was looking forward to Cole coming up to the main roster for bouts against Cena, Reigns, McIntyre, Nakamura etc etc, but the thought of him jumping over to AEW, ooh, the same company that employs his girlfriend Britt Baker DMD, is mouthwatering. Cole vs Omega, Cole vs Page, Cole vs Archer and, if the rumours are true, we could get Cole vs Punk AND WHO WOULD NOT WANT THAT? Make it happen, Tony!


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