WWE – Bobby Fish, Mercedes Martinez And More Are Released :

Well, here we go again. These WWE releases always come in waves, but I really thought we had seen the end of it for a while, but no, here’s another list of released talent, including some surprising names that were either at the top of the NXT tree, or getting ready to hit the main roster.

The big name for me is Bobby Fish, sure he has been cursed with some nasty injuries but he was always electric in the ring and The Undisputed Era were a real stable, believable and fan favourites throughout their tenure. It will be interesting now to see whether this affects Adam Cole’s decision, apparently he has extended his contract until Summerslam weekend, but surely with Britt over there in AEW, the grass must be looking mighty green all of a sudden. Another surprising name is Bronson Reed, a tradition ‘Big Man’ that Vince would normally have built to the moon – he has been backstage in recent weeks for the big shows, so it seemed he was ready. Now, gone. Mercedes Martinez is another surprise, a real bad ass, she would have been electric on the main roster, but after passing on Retribution, perhaps Vince lost interest, which can only be AEW’s gain. Kona Reeves is another surprise, they had been using the Rock-lite character for a while and it looked to be gaining traction, perhaps he will now go join Team Tax and we will have a two-little-Rocks feud.

Ari Sterling, Tyler Rust and Leon Ruff are also gone, which leaves 205 Live with…ooh, about three wrestlers, so surely that show will be ended now. We have been hearing that NXT is getting a fresh paint of coat (thanks to Bruce Prichard for that phrase!) soon, new graphics, new lights, etc etc, but you wonder whether Vince should be concentrating on talent and storylines which made NXT the success it was in the first place. Things are different now with AEW breathing down their necks, but if you lived through the Monday Night Wars, you know this can be a good thing and give us all the good storylines and feuds. I still have hope, guess it depends on whether Triple H has the cojones to stand up to the boss. Before all his peeps are shuffling off to the competition…


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