Why AEW Needs To Sign Danhausen, NOW :

The first time I heard about the wrestler Danhausen was when Sam Roberts was hyping him up on his podcast and then had the man himself in to do an interview. This was entertaining enough to send me down the YT rabbit hole to find out what this guy was about. He’s like Sting after a few too many sugary sweets, or Finn Balor’s Demon if instead of wanting to freak everybody out, he just wanted to go and buy action figures.

Now, I hear you, you know my hatred of ‘funny’ wrestling. You know I like it when Jericho adds a touch of humour to his total package or when Mick Foley was Dude Love, but mostly (New Day, Lucha House Party) it completely turns me off. Danhausen is the iconic exception that proves that rule. He’s just so goddamn entertaining, always. As well as the KISS if a six-year-old-did-their-makeup look, Danhausen also pays tribute to the magic of Pee-Wee Herman, playing Tequila and doing the iconic dance from the Paul Reubens movie during a match. And I love it. The secret is that he not only has a great personality (check out his Love That Danhausen YT videos) but he is also an excellent wrestler, he’s not using laughter to hide his shortcomings, he’s one of the most exciting in the industry right now.

Ring Of Honor has the pleasure of Danhausen right now, though there are plenty of indie shows to watch on YouTube, he even took on motherfvcking Nick Gage in a tag match I suggest you look for, with an audience barely in triple figures, Danhausen looked like he was hitting the stage at Wrestlemania. Fantastic.

So, I now tilt my head at Tony Khan and beg with him to hire the biggest name in indie icons. Imagine how much he could annoy MJF. Imagine the stips he could have with Jericho. Imagine The Dark Order trying to hire him but Danhausen being…too evil! Darby Allin, Lance Archer, Fuego Del Sol – Man, imagine how angry Ricky Starks would get seeing the Tequila dance and getting pinned. So many stories, and a company that I trust to do right by the creator. WWE would have Danhausen playing to the kids and being lost in the midcard and losing to all and sundry, too evil.

We here at Kendallrock love you Danhausen!


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