The Total Joy Of Being A Wrestling Geek Today…

Two things people often question me about : my love of Jonas Brothers and my love of professional wrestling. I don’t try and make people like it, but I am always required to justify the 8-15 hours a week I spend watching WWE, AEW, NJPW, Impact, etc etc etc. I’m not out there at your soccer games complaining about your love of it. Nope. “But you know that that thing you love isn’t real, right?”. No, I’ve literally just sailed in on a banana boat after 4 decades of loving the sport, please tell me how everything I love is wrong. BUT NOT TODAY.

C.M. Punk has always been one of my most beloved wrestlers, from the big time in the WWE and the older indie shows and of course he is a genius in the world of social media, so despite being out of the business for seven years, every day he pops up on my feed, trolling the trolls and having more fun than you are allowed on the old Tweetbird. THEN, the rumours began, hell we all built it up, we discussed it all over the internet and watched others talking about what would happen if The Best In The World turned up in Chicago.

And. Then. IT HAPPENED. If this was Vince, he would have had three hours of Raw and just introduced Punk in the last two minutes. But Tony Khan knows better, AEW Rampage started and a major announcement was teased but we only had to wait seconds. Then Cult Of Personality played and frankly I lost my shit. My heart is still raging, just looking at that image above makes me a little crazy. THIS is what wrestling fandom is about. Me and my buddy Steve watching Wrestlemania VI when I saw my hero Hulk Hogan lose, unbelievable. Me and my dad seeing an Attitude era show, with The Rock and Austin and dad laughing at me standing and cheering for Mr McMahon. And now, C.M. PUNK IS AEW.



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  1. I watched wrestling for a long time, from the early ’80’s until about the time Becky Lynch was pregnant and handed in her title. I can’t find it in myself to make time for it again. But I know how big this is, I had to watch it on YouTube. That’s a huge thing for AEW, they are really setting themselves up to kill it. Great stuff.

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