Kendall Loves…The ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ Trailer :

Holy cow, this is three minutes of pure cinematic joy, no one could think otherwise! And so I clicked on the comments to share the love with everyone and THE VERY FIRST POST I saw was someone saying “Does anyone else find this premise a little far fetched?” I turned the comments off then. For a film, lest we forget, about a kid bitten by a radio active spider who can then climb buildings and swing webs. Yeah, I know the newer films made the things more logical and showed you the making of the magic but, hell that comment still makes me laugh.

For those of you still wanting a Spidey movie rather than War And Peace (and hey, I love both things when when I go into a movie from a series about a superhuman spider dude, I want my superhuman spider dude) you should love this first look. It is called a teaser, but the trailer is 3 minutes so it’s basically our first proper look, and what a look. Peter and MJ seem so happy and he tries to fix what the world is throwing at him and booooom, the world throws back. You can hear the Goblin, you can see Doc Ock. We don’t see Tobey McGuire or Andrew Garfield, but they have to save something right? What we do see seems to be comicbook perfection. A second perfect Spider-Man trilogy. Seems so, Spidey.


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