Kendall Loves…The Return Of ABBA :

HOLY SHIT. That’s how you do a comeback. Events around the world, a tease of the new holographic show, a venue created for the technology. And TWO stunning new songs. Yes, please.

The best thing about the new singles is that they sound like classic ABBA. They don’t sound like a band trying to chase past glories, they just sound like they could have popped up at any point in their career. If you told me they were B-sides for Waterloo, I would have believed you. I Still Have Faith In You and my favourite Don’t Shut Me Down walk that classic razor line between making you dance and making you cry, Agnetha and Anni-Frid (ALWAYS MY FAVOURITE, SWOONING SINCE A YOUNG KID) are as powerful as ever and as soon as these dropped last night, I gave them many many Spotify spins.

They are going all in here, not just 3 dates in Wembley Stadium and done, they have created TRON style holographic versions and with their own Abba Arena, this could go on forever. Abba Gold has been in the charts nonstop for around 1000 weeks and the other albums are likely to resurface in the charts too, so this could be one of the biggest ‘tours’ ever, and unlike Tupac/Whitney, the artists behind the original magic are also around, getting scanned for the models, this is 100% ABBA, like it or not.

Go to the official site now and there are 4 different versions of the CD of Voyage, one for each member. And four cassettes. It blows my mind that in two months we will have a new ABBA album. Let’s hope the concert tickets are kept at a reasonable price, hey who are we kidding, I’m putting my kidneys up for sale right now to get one!


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