Samoa Joe Gives Up The NXT Championship :

Okay, firstly let me get this out of the way – I HATE it when Main Roster (TM) talent goes back to NXT. Now, I love NXT, but the point has always been that you succeed here and then you get ‘called up’, they don’t call it getting called sideways. Seeing Balor, Joe and Ember Moon, three talents I am a big fan of go ‘backwards’ really irks me. Like an 18 year old going back to the first year of school to show the kids how to math. Nope. Never liked it. The reverse of this that it was nice to see Samoa Joe back being a kick ass killing machine and indeed winning the championship. What’s the worst that could…OH.

Now Samoa Joe has announced that due to injury he has had to give up the NXT title. This sucks as much as when Balor had to do the same after winning the brand new title back on Raw. The strange thing, which has everyone on the internet looking sideways like that weird baby on The Simpsons, is that this has happened a couple of days before NXT has its grand re-branding. The darkness and metal of Triple H’s NXT is yesterday and now Vince and Bruce have their beady (old) eyes on the ‘developmental’ and it has a new shiny multicolour logo. The genius of Vince of course is that he can have all us fans talking about the state of the company just by changing the colours of the logo, we don’t know what is going to be different, but the Internet is ALIVE.

I presume, and again this is just old man shouting at the Internet stuff, that NXT will open with Vince in the ring, because that is something we have not seen before and he will announce that the new NXT begins right now with the title up for grabs with the 4-way ‘title opportunity for the winner’ match now for the title. Knight. Ciampa. O’Reilly. Dunne. I would presume that Vince would pick O’Reilly as a good spokesperson for the brand and set him up to feud with Pete Dunne which sounds super interesting. So watch Vince put the belt on Knight. Never tell the boss how to book! This is a man who refused to think about taking back CM Punk, remember. We remember.


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