Congrats To Manic Street Preachers On A Number One Album!!!

When the singles chart has been under the stranglehold of the Sheeran machine for three months, even replacing himself at the top, our musical saviours Manic Street Preachers save the day on the album chart with The Ultra Vivid Lament entering at Number One.

All week, Blackwood’s finest were in a running battle with Steps with both bands seemingly releasing a million different variants of their albums to get them to the top. Lest we forget that the last time Manic Street Preachers were at the top of the LP charts, they beat Steps debut album and If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next also kept One For Sorrow in the runner up spot. I’m not here to throw shade upon the popsters, far from it, the first What The Future Holds album is excellent and this week now that the chart battle is won, I can enjoy the sequel. Also, lovely people that they are, Ian Watkins (H) tweeted congratulations to MSP with the Welsh flag icon waving wildly.

Good work James Dean Bradfield, Sean Moore, Nicky Wire and of course, the spirit and brilliance of Richey James Edwards that hangs over some of the best tracks here.


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