Film – Dare You Answer ‘The Black Phone’?

Blumhouse is a name that always gets my attention and this latest work seems set to be a scream. In a good way, obvs. The poster is chilling enough, many stars of Ethan Hawke’s stature would baulk at having their face covered for the first look at a new chiller, but Hawke knows this company can spin horror gold, he was in The Purge after all.

The Black Phone sees a 13 year old being abducted by a child killer and being locked in a soundproof basement. A phone rings, a DISCONNECTED phone rings and he hears the voices of past victims of his captor. Wait, original horror premise? Yep. Even better it is written by Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. I was a long time fan of Cargill when he was part of the classic Ain’t It Cool team and the pair were behind the Marvel brilliance of Dr Strange. If you’re a fan of the Sinister series, yep that was them too. I have every hope that this is going to be an old school rollercoaster ride. Who needs sleep anyway, huh?


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