Kendall’s Problem With…Home Sweet Home Alone :

Noooow, before we start, I really wanted to like the Home Alone reboot. As a massive fan of the first two classics, it was obvious that three decades down the wire, someone would decide to remake it. No problem, no harm, no foul. A couple of hours wasted over Christmas, what could go wrong? Hell, look at the damn poster ‘Holiday Classics Were Meant To Be Broken’. Fuck, they know they are messing up. Culkin on the original poster? A child in danger, everyone could identify with that. This guy, smugly carrying a couple of guns, not a care in the world. It is like the art team behind this had never seen the big hearted originals.

Okay, the elephant in the room…This kid is fucking annoying. He does the same ‘breaking all the house rules’ thing that Culkin did, but instead of the shining happiness, here he just seems to be a leering little goofball, someone who annoyed me during the three minute trailer, rather than making me want to see the movie. And I’m a big fan of this series, I didn’t need much – a likeable kid, some funny Three Stooges style gags, a moral compass that does not veer towards wanting the villains to win. Easy.

But look, he is wearing a McAllister badge, we’ve seen the original! Yeah, and you’ve given us an unlikeable mother replacing Catherine O’Hara’s heartfelt original performance and a child that I don’t think I would root for if he was stuck in a Saw trap, let alone headlining a Disney Xmas remake.

Is it just me…?


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