HOLY SH!T – ‘The Batman’ Gets An Amazing Trailer :

Well, that headline says it all really, but let’s just discuss The Batman for a while, shall we? Oh, you’ve just gone straight down to the official trailer below, I see, that is fine, I can easily geek to myself about the caped crusader. My collection of movies, TV shows and animated straight to DVD/Blu movies proves that. šŸ™‚

Robert Pattinson looks fucking great in this trailer, well just like Batman. Which is the point, right? But also his Bruce Wayne seems to be a new take on it, I”m sure the Internet already has ‘Emo Wayne’ memes going on, but the character out of the mask looks just as interesting as the one fully kitted out. Also, this is a Batman, like all the best incarnations that is completely fuelled by vengeance, he is not trying to play good cop, he just wants to eradicate the scum who ALL represent the hood who killed his parents. This is displayed in a mere three minute trailer brilliantly, so heaven knows how dark things are going to get in the feature presentation!

The Riddler. Holy cow, man. We already know that Paul Dano can completely sink into a character, as anyone who saw his stunning Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy can attest to, but this some other level business. The Riddler is back to being chilling, dark, unhinged, not the full of joke rendition of Jim Carrey or the cartoon of the TV show, this guy just wants to fuck you up and will laugh as he does it, the joke, as they say, is on whoever crosses his path.

Gotham City. It has the same dark rainy feel as Blade Runner, one of the most atmospheric city landscapes in cinematic history and we get flashes of Falcone and his hold on the iconic city, it is another layer in the thrilling onion, as Shrek would no doubt say. The only thing I am not sure about so far is Selina Kyle / Catwoman. It just seems to be one story arc too many – we know that the Riddler is going to steal the show and that The Penguin is waiting in the dark, so do we really need Kyle? Tim Burton’s Batman Returns shows how this can be done, The Penguin and Catwoman both chewing up the screen without ever getting in each others way cinematically, I’m just worried we get to that “I choose the girl!” business that ended the Nolan trilogy. I am ready to have my mind changed though, it is just the only non-diamond thing in a diamond filled mine.

I’ll see you day one next year, yeah?


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