Book Review – The Momusexual by Anthony Reynolds :

Once upon a time there was a band called Jack. They were magnificent and should have taken over the world, seeing Anthony Reynolds taking his place atop the pop tree. If you’ve read Reynolds previous excellent tome The Promosexuals, you will know that this is not exactly what happened. Touring happened, drinking happened, drugs happened, it was like National Lampoon’s Vacation written by Albert Camus. But as a fan I can tell you, it was a glorious club to have been a part of and reading the adventures of Anthony Reynolds takes me right back to gigs and drinks and girls, but this time from the other side, from the stage, the backstage and sometimes the little closet behind the stage because The Divine Comedy were taking up the rest of the space.

The Momusexual tells the story of Jacques, Anthony had already considered Jack the best name possible for a band so the only way to go with a side project was adding a little je ne sais quoi, oui? Jacques was an album made with one of Anthony’s heroes Momus. It is sometimes said that you should never meet your heroes, but the moral here is you should never work with them, as Anthony’s opinion of How To Make Love Vol. 1 is pretty low, though not as low as the reviews of the time, which were utterly savage. “Jacques shit” is a cutter. Hearing about the making of the record on the other hand is once again a complete joy as you watch as Anthony realises the songs are not there whilst at the same time trying to make Momus his best friend. Discovering Absolut at the same time is perhaps not for the best, you’ll have to read to find out and you really should read The Momusexual as it is another fantastically told adventure through the trenches of the pop war, with our hero great at the art of losing.

More slapstick/faceslapping occurs when Jacques support The Divine Comedy, who are becoming bigger, more famous and more big headed as the tour continues. Anthony’s constant ribbing of Neil Hannon is a joy to hear – this might be a personal thing as having met both parties in the same evening at a Suede after show party, Reynolds was the nicest guy, sharing his red wine with me and my girlf, whilst Hannon merely tried to chat her up as if I was not even there. So, I’m only on one side in this little alternative battle and the best man has the voice here too, so gets to describe Hannon as ‘Charles Hawtrey in acorn hugging briefs’, which is worth the price of admission alone, really.

The Momusexual is another great storytelling exercise, which will once again lead you back to some great pop songs and agonising ballads. It’s great. I was lucky enough to get a copy straight from the author, which even includes a little drawing of me and Anthony together which is one brilliant addition to an already excellent package.

(The Momusexual also includes all of the lyrics from the How To Make Love Vol.1 album)

The Momusexual by Anthony Reynolds is available now via Amazon in physical edition or Kindle.

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