Kendall Kompiles…My ‘The Best Of The Beatles’ (2021) :

The rules – Any officially released songs are eligible : originals, covers, remixes, instrumentals, live, whatever I want.

There has to be only 14 songs, 7 on each side, cause we are imagining this as a real record. Or cassette.

These are my choices, don’t get angry cause I left out your favourite, make your own, it’s supposed to be fun! Send yours to @Kendall_laceyUK over on the Tweetbird. 🙂

It has to flow, so no 14 ballads collections!

If there are any bands you want to fast track in the series, buy me a coffee and I’ll do those first. 😉

OK? Let’s Play!

Okay, this was not an easy one as The Beatles are, to me, England’s greatest band ever. In fact, I presumed that I had done them and The Beach Boys (America’s best band) right at the beginning of this series, but my Spotify and Google said ‘nope’ so here we are. When I was a kid, The Beatles were an ‘old persons band’, I was reading Smash Hits and you wouldn’t see ‘old’ bands gracing the pages, although I am sure if I looked back now, there was plenty of solo Paul, who is, spoiler, my favourite Beatle. I remember my mom loving them and telling me stories about seeing them and it was exactly the same excitement that I had talking about Duran Duran, or Bon Jovi, or The Smiths, depending on which year you’re looking at me. I saw a copy of The Compleat Beatles on VHS and loved the mania of the fans and wanted to hear more. Then my mom said I could listen to what ever I wanted from the vinyl/8tracks underneath the stereo. I was already obsessed with the 8Track of the orchestral version of Tommy, so I wasn’t new to epic rock and roll. I hoovered up the 7″s and the albums, but mom stopped at Help! Then…Motley Crue covered Helter Skelter and it sounded like the heaviest thing I had ever heard. This led my true crime obsessed teen brain to Charles Manson and suddenly I NEEDED The White Album. Double CD from Woolworths and what do you know, the original version of Helter Skelter is as heavy if not heavier than the Crue one, but I applaud the hair metal gods for giving me this masterpiece. And Charlie gave me Sexy Sadie and Piggies, without, you know, joining the Family. As I got older, I veered towards the later career moments, Sgt Pepper onwards, as these were ‘my discoveries’ and not the pop singles I learned of as a kid. Then, of course, as I got older and perhaps wiser, I realised that I loved the speed fuelled early singles more than say Give Peace A Chance. I’ve only warmed to Abbey Road and Let It Be in recent years (this is all relative, right, this could be a decade or so!) and I just bought myself a copy of Beatles For Sale, which my mom did have but I never really warmed to.

So, what I’m saying is that trying to condense the best of McCartney, Lennon, Harrison and Starr into 14 easily digestible chunks is a tough call and someone will obvs tell me something I forgot (No room for I Am The Walrus and Come Together and Hello, Goodbye but I am cheating putting them here, never really cared for Rain, which some may have expected.)

Anyway, the moral of this story is I fucking LOVE The Beatles. *micdrop*





She Loves You

A Hard Day’s Night

Ticket To Ride

Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite

Helter Skelter


8 Days A Week

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sexy Sadie

Get Back

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Drive My Car


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