Hayden Christensen Returning To Star Wars, Twice :

So, we already knew that Hayden was returning to the Star Wars universe in the forthcoming Obi-Wan series, in fact his announcement was one of the reasons I am so excited for the project and now he has shined his Ep 2-3 light onto the Ahsoka TV show too.

I sort of know Ahsoka from various animated/comic properties, but this was not a project I had much interest in until Hayden was announced, it makes me sad that there is now so much Star Wars that some shines brighter than others. I haven’t even seen Solo, ten year old Kendall would be disgusted to hear this but forgive me, I love me some Grogu and the LEGO shorts and my Force powers always perk up when there is a new SW rumour, or in this case, fact. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is that Ahsoka is set five years after Return Of The Jedi and so Darth Vader/Anakin is already dead, so are we getting flashbacks or will this be a Force Ghost deal? Guess we will find out soon enough, young Padawans!


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