‘Lightyear’ Gets Us Starstruck :

So, I first saw this trailer when my space/geek buddy Christian Slater, not that one, shared it to his FB and my first thought was that he had been taken in by one of those homemade YT videos. Then I realised that this was not old footage compiled from the Toy Story universe, this was all brand new, accompanied by a version of Starman, which no one is going to pirate.

Nope, this is real, everyone’s favourite space ranger has already had his own animated movie and video games but now the man is in the spotlight, NOT the toy. Yes, the toys were based upon this real life hero, or is he just a big screen idol? Not sure at this point, but it seems strange that the film seems to be going all out to separate it from the toy version, except the first poster features the toy we all know and love. Which brings me to the next obvious question – why is Tim Allen not voicing the real Buzz Lightyear. I understand it might be an hilarious comment on how spinoffs change the voices and Chris Evans is the REAL voice of the spaceman, with Allen merely being the toy version, in the same way that Tom Hanks’ brother provided the voice for many of those beloved Woody toys.

Hell, I’m in.


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