The Kendallrock Awards 2021 :

Well, you made it through a crazy ass year so congratulations to you for that, congratulations to all of us. But December 1st must mean…time for the Kendallrock Awards!!!

The rules are the same as ever, if you appear in the albums of the year, you cannot appear in the songs of the year and you can only appear in each list once. I will give a few of my fave songs from my fave albums if you have not heard them, obvs these songs are glorious enough to reach the top five, but I make the rules to stop this all just being one or two bands, even though it is my blog, haha. Take all the suggestions and top songs and make a Kendallrock playlist why doncha?

Get’s get it, let’s go!


  1. The Future Bites – Steven Wilson

{TOP TRACKS : Self, Personal Shopper, 12 Things I Forgot}

2. Optimist – Finneas

{TOP TRACKS : The Kids Are All Dying, A Concert Six Months From Now, Love Is Pain}

3. Sob Rock – John Mayer

{TOP TRACKS : Last Train Home, New Light, Why You No Love Me?}

4. The Art Of Losing – The Anchoress

{TOP TRACKS : The Exchange, 5am, The Art Of Losing}

5. Sour – Olivia Rodrigo

{TOP TRACKS : Deja Vu, Driver’s License, Hope Ur OK}


  1. Who’s In Your Head? – Jonas Brothers

2. Don’t Shut Me Down – ABBA

3. No Body, No Crime – Taylor Swift ft. Haim

4. Karen – Jim Bob

5. The Smoking Gun – Thunder

BAND OF THE YEAR : Jonas Brothers

REISSUE OF THE YEAR : The Menswe@r Collection

FILM OF THE YEAR : Sound Of Metal

TV SERIES OF THE YEAR : The Beatles Get Back

BOOK OF THE YEAR : Promosexuals by Anthony Reynolds

LIVE GIG : Thunder – Unplugged & Unscripted

Congrats to all! ❤

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