Babybird Reveals New Remix Of ‘You’re Gorgeous’ :

HOLY COW! That was me this morning when Spotify gave me a new Release Radar that included a new version of one of my favourite artist’s biggest hits. If you were a fan of Stephen Jones/Baby Bird/Babybird in the nineties, then you would regularly get a brand new, always golden new album. There was no three-year cycle with Jones, no, he unleashed what he wanted when he wanted. And a small but devoted audience, including your humble narrator, was there to hoover it all up – physical media, of course, Spotify and the like were a mile off yet.

Then one day, You’re Gorgeous arrives. A million people who you have been trying to tell about Jones’ pop genius are now on board. TFI Friday, Top Of The Pops, our boy was a star. Yes, it got misunderstood. A lot. I’ve seen it pop up on ‘Smile!’ or ‘Classic Love’ type compilations and I look again at the savage lyrics and grin to myself. But it was brilliant and now, gulp, 26 years after its initial release, You’re Gorgeous has been remixed by *looks at notes* Pixellay. No, me neither. Seems he is one Landon Friedman from Birmingham, Alabama. A 17 year old producer and remixer, I’m not sure how he discovered Jones’ works, but it seems he has also remixed Atomic Soda and Dead Bird Sings, two more classics of the era.

What I love about this remix is that it gives it more of a soundtrack edge, it is far closer to my favourite released version of the song, You’re Gorgeous Too, which appeared on the CD of the single. Let’s hope this leads to young America discovering one of Britain’s greatest ‘hidden’ treasures. Just make sure they have a lyric sheet. *FingersCrossed*

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