Album Review – ‘Dawn FM’ by The Weeknd :

So, one of the biggest artists in the world decides to release a pop masterpiece based upon the mid-eighties synth sounds we all know and love, using all the ascetics we expect. But enough about John Mayer’s incredible Sob Rock, now The Weeknd is doing the same…
When I heard the record was called Dawn FM, I had nightmares of those albums (hello Songs For The Deaf) that are lessened by ‘hilarious’ between song segments pretending to be a radio station. So, imagine my despair when the first track does exactly as expected, albeit it featuring the mighty Jim Carrey. But my fears are flushed away by the brilliance of proper opening track Gasoline, an eighties slammer, quickly followed by the amazing How Do I Make You Love Me? The way this record has been dropped might suggest it was a spur of the moment thing, but these are great songs and you can only imagine how well The Weeknd would have done back when singles meant more. Now that you’re only allowed three in the top 100, expect to see three of these in the top ten next week.
Another thing that rap/RNB records tend to do, which is never a good thing, is have a talky moment in the middle, you’ve heard the best rappers in the world do it and here we go with A Tale By Quincy, which is a one and done skippable nonsense, probably made acceptable but the fact there is currently no physical version of this album available so it is very easy to hit that skip button, however much I hate the idea of that, especially on my second play through.
Luckily the trifecta of my fave tracks are right after it, Out Of Time is a classic John Hughes confessional track where the nerd kisses the best girl, it is lovely. Here We Go…Again brings on board the mighty Tyler The Creator and is great. Then, Best Friends is perhaps my favourite song so far, just pure Drive magic. You know that song on the Vice City soundtrack where you just ride around the cyber city not doing the missions just listening to the radio? Yep, The Weeknd knows too. It’s this.
The fact that The Weeknd actually calls a song Less Than Zero made me raise my hands and applaud, especially as it sounds like a classic Jan Hammer jam. Extra points for I Heard You’re Married, where Lil Wayne does another classic guest spot, one of my favourite songs on the record.
It’s great when my biggest problem with an album is the artwork, that classic ‘isn’t it funny seeing me as an old dude’ idea that Beastie Boys, Drake and Eddie Murphy have already failed at. But hey, there are no actual physical copies yet, so you can avoid it by making your streamer just show you the lyrics instead, right?
Dawn FM is definitely, don’t say it, DON’T SAY IT, worth tuning into. ❤

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