Number One Single Drops Straight Out Of The Chart :

God only knows how much I love Elton John (not this song though, god hell, not this!) and hate Sheeran, but I also love a chart statistic so I was very interested to note the chart fact that happened this week.

Last week Elton and Ed were celebrating a number one with their terrible Christmas song Merry Christmas and this week…gone! Fallen completely out of the top 100. I have never seen this happen before, please let me know if I’ve missed one but I think this might be the first time. Don’t feel too sad for the two though, Sheeran has three singles in the top 20 and Elton has that tedious Sacrifice/Rocketman (I adore Elton and Dua Lipa but this? Nope. Non) mash-up still hanging around so maybe it is only chart geeks like me that noticed, but I find it as interesting as the continued success of Mr Brightside, which just re-entered the chart at number 51. An all time classic, no doubt, but who is buying it in 2022?

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