Thoughts On Season 3 Of The ‘What Is Music?’ Podcast :

If you know me, you know I love both music and podcasts, but am very specific on pods that I love, it is not just a case of ‘this pod is about serial killers, hence it is up my street’ – if I had a penny for everyone who has recommended the Last Pod On The Left, I would have about 27 pence right now, and yet…I cannot listen to it. I love delving into the things it delves into, but it does it with a wink and the constant need for comedy. Fvck that. To a lesser extent, I had a problem with Do You Love Us? A Podcast About Manic Street Preachers. Firstly the title should have been ‘You Love Us – You Do!’ as a nod to live performances in the early days, secondly, one of the trio, Lucas Way, grinded my gears throughout the season. As I said in my original review, probably down there in the links section, this is not a personal attack, Internet 2022, our personalities did just not gel. If I am listening to a pod about one of the three best bands ever, I want people who, you know, have heard them before. I understand if you are a trio of friends that you think the tales you tell each other in the bar are hilarious and the world will like it but, nope. If you think I have forgotten Lucas giving The Holy Bible 3/10, then perhaps you don’t know Manics fans at all.

And so, after that, I ignored Season 2 of the series. It featured Muse, who are the one band that Lucas shared his love for. I adore Showbiz and the early EPs and love the bonkers metal craziness but don’t love them enough to have connected here, especially with a character who I don’t gel with. I deleted the series from my pod providers and sat back. Aaaaaand then they announced season three. Billie Fvcking Eilish. Hell yeah, I wanted back in.

Firstly I must applaud What Is Music? for taking this decision. There is probably a small Venn diagram of people who like Manic Street Preachers and Muse and I am sure there are many MSP fans open minded enough (remember that Kylie was first offered Little Baby Nothing and indeed played it with them later on tour, one of the 56 times I saw them…) to also be fans of pure pop goodness. But there is probably also a section of the audience now sitting down and sulking that they are covering a super popular artist and a non guitar one at that. Me? I love Billie Eilish and Finneas (her brother/co-writer/genius) and so I was all in.

Adam Scott Glasspool is once again the driving force here, explaining brilliantly why Billie deserves a season, despite only being a couple of albums in and you can hear his love coming through the speakers in the same way that you did in the Manics season. Fantastic, informative and entertaining, you can hear his thrills at the works of Eilish coming through and it makes you want to go back and listen again, which is what all the best pods do. Steve Murphy, likeable but not as knowledgeable on the subject, plays the same role he played in the Manics series, someone who knows Billie in passing or you know, because his girlfriend is a fan, but essentially he sounds hyped to learn more, hear more and love more. Aaaand then, Lucas Way. “Oh when you said Bad Guy, I thought yeah I know that one, but I was thinking of Bad Blood! HA HA HA” Just sets my teeth on edge. It is totally fair that you might not connect with modern music or indeed never cross paths with it, but if you are on a music podcast, this should not be something you should be proud of. “Oh I rarely listen to music, just podcasts” Then, whhhhhhy are you on here? The answer seems to be in the pod description where they are described as The Big Mates. My podcast klaxon is going on at that point. And my teeth are grinding again. Don’t run a Billie pod with someone who has no knowledge of the subject.

There are currently two episodes, an introduction and Don’t Smile At Me. The fact that there is a podcast about these tracks makes me happy, even if I am still shouting at the speaker when Lucas tells another ‘hilarious’ tale of not listening to music that isn’t Muse. Give it a shot, it might just be me, I don’t like the taste of houmous either, but I know plenty of people that do. To quote the mighty Loaf, two out of three ain’t bad.

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