This Is My Truth…Hanging With Meat Loaf In America :

It is rare that a celebrity dies and everyone is sad, but Meat Loaf was/is a unique artist that transcends genres and everyone has a memory attached to him. So I thought you might enjoy this memory, which was a cool moment in a younger Kendall world.

I first went to Disney World as a nine year old kid and it was as magical as you would imagine. The best thing was that it is not a ‘kids place’ as you might think if you have not experienced it, my parents absolutely loved it too, hence them working like dogs their whole lives but having the shining vision of revisiting the Florida nirvana. The next time we went, instead of being on International Drive (where in our hotel, someone was trying to break into the rooms and got his head knocked in by security, while I was alone in our room…Old days, things were different!), we stayed at the Polynesian Resort Hotel, a magical Hawaiian adventure, the beaches, the water, the cocktails (dad, not me) and the music which can still send me back to those magical times as a family.

On another occasion at the Polynesian, there was a special episode of It’s A Knockout being recorded (I’ve realised writing this that I have never YouTubed it, I wonder if it exists on there, surely everything exists on the internet? Ooh, I found a odd Australian comp which I will add below) and obviously staying there (well, perhaps not obviously, security was a lot less than it is now) we got to watch it up close. The celebrities? Annabel Croft, who made my heart sing and was just as lovely in real life, young Kendall swooned. Eddie Edwards, who was lovely and took a great picture with me and mom, but I don’t have it now, maybe my sister does, she has more historical bits than me. Rolf Harris, who, at that point, was an hilarious guest and was very friendly and played to the crowd. And…Meat Loaf.

At this point, Meat Loaf was a massive super star and you’d imagine he would be totally ego personified but far from it, he was fantastic. He came over and talked to us during breaks in filming and was constantly goofing off and joking around while the filming was going on, fantastic. From that moment, every time you heard one of his songs, which obvs was often in the pre-internet world, mom or dad would say “Remember when we met Meat Loaf?” and we reminisced and laughed. I’m sure he would love such a story and hopefully you will too as we say goodbye to the icon, but memories never die or the classic records.


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