PPV Review – The Wrld On GCW :

If you are a fan of professional wrestling from any era, then you probably know the relevance of the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City and even more relevant here, selling out that venue in 2022. GCW has been on the rise recently and both its admirers (I fall in this camp) and its detractors see it as the next generation of the iconic ECW which also found a home at the H.B.

I’ve watched their work on tiny house shows for some time and so seeing the company rise to this level gives me a certain pride and excitement for what will come next. It is the wrestling equivalent of Nirvana after Smells Like Teen Spirit or The Little Engine That Could, if you prefer.

Like ECW, this is not all violence and spot monkeys, there are excellent Lucha tussles too, here seeing Gringo Loco, Arez & Demonic Flamita defeat Bandido, Laredo Kid & ASF in a breath taking contest of technical brilliance. Want something more old school dramatic? Matt Cardona is the ultimate heel here, a big star coming to the Indies to destroy everything that we love. BOOOOO! This was an excellent performance, I never like Zack Ryder, just found the whole ‘doing my best!’ character a little tiresome, so seeing this other side of the man is very welcome. And he was lucky to get out alive after beating Joey Janela at his own twisted game. The commentary here showed a lack of experience on the big stage, with Cardona being referred to at one point as Zack Ryder, which could possibly see Vince sharpening his axe and bringing down the copyright smackdown. Let’s hope not, aside from this, the commentary drove the action along nicely, although it took some getting used to to hear ‘professionals’ on Fite TV shouting “Get the fuck out!” and other spicy expletives. Just a reminder that they are the scrappy young kid in the game and not trying to just be WWE-lite.

The best actual wrestling match of the night? Probably Ruby Soho vs Allie Katch, a totally electrifying bout, where from one minute to the next, it was uncertain who was going to pick up the victory. Soho took the W, but Katch is set to be a massive star in the future and was a definite bright spot.

The best HOLY SH!T moment of the night? I was disappointed when the card was revealed that Nick Fucking Gage was not on it, seemed strange that their biggest star would miss the biggest show. But GCW was already playing me like a cheap fiddle and when the brilliant Briscoes came out for their ‘open challenge’, I popped for Matt Tremont and then the MDK chants escalated and the current king of blood and guts wrasslin’ made his way to the ring and put on another bloody and brilliant bout, it was not a wrestling match, it was a brawl, a fight, an all out slobberknocker and when Tremont and Gage lifted the belts, it was a totally feel good moment and a great end to the PPV.

GCW might still be a little spicy for the mainstream audience, but back in the day we would be tape trading this company’s wares all around the world. In the current climate with Youtube, websites and apps like Fite, a small company like this can get its content out to the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of time. And that can only be good for all of us.

A triumph. MDK!!!!

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