R.I.P. Andy Ross :

If you are old enough to remember the halcyon days of the music inkies in the mid-nineties, then you will certainly know the name Andy Ross, who would pop up in columns almost as much as his bands did, he was part of the glorious Camden scene, doing business in The Good Mixer and bringing us bands from Jesus Jones and Strangelove to the bubblegum brilliance of Shampoo. Working with Dave Balfe at Food Records, when it was sold to EMI, Ross continued running the label as an EMI subsidiary and took one of their cherished bands right to the top…

Remember when Oasis VS Blur was the main news story all over the mainstream press? That was the brilliance of Ross again, Blur were always his pet project and started on Food before launching into the stratosphere, again with Ross providing the gasoline. It wasn’t boardrooms, water bottles and white boards, it was lunchtime in the Mixer with as many pints as Graham Coxon could consume, which was a lot. I remember when Britpop was flying, Melody Maker included a map of central Camden, showing us tiny-South-West-town kids where the magic was happening. I’ve spent many a magical night in The Good Mixer, sometimes with members of Blur and so as well as the music he signed, I have a lot to thank this gent for.

Godspeed, Sir, thank you for the music. ❤

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