Danhausen Is #AllElite !!!!!!!!!

Holy shiiiiiiiiit, what a time to be alive. AEW’s Beach Break, a PPV quality event just shown on its main TV show was an absolute joy. Cody vs Sammy was a 5 star classic but I was super excited to see what Cassidy and Adam cole BAYBAY could do in an unsanctioned match and it did not disappoint. You knew that those two would give us a five star match but what I did not expect was when a ladder was dragged from under the ring and it contained the indie world’s greatest superstar, DANHAUSEN.

Now, I thought this was a great moment, but maybe it was a one off but now AEW has given us the above image and Danhausen is now part of the family. YES!

(Now I don’t want to take credit, but I did write this and Tony K obviously read it…;) )

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