Why The Undertaker Should Be The Only Inductee In The WWE HOF 2022 :

I love the Hall Of Fame. It is the one night of the year where the players of the WWE drop their personas and sit together and respect the best in the business. This cannot be anymore relevant this year, when The Undertaker, one of the all time greats is confirmed to be the headliner. But I suggest that no one else is inducted. Let’s just do a one man show, the biggest show of them all. The Undertaker.

Vince might suggest that the mainstream want more names, more glitz, more glamour. But if you do this, everyone is going to look less than your headliner. The audience will be looking at their watches, even if they like these other competitors, waiting for the main event.

Sooooo…You start with a great video package. You bring out Bruce Prichard in his Brother Love garb, maybe The Million Dollar Man. Then give us Kane, then Mick Foley, then Brock Lesnar. Then…The man himself. It will be a classic celebration that we will remember for years to come.

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