Kendall Loves…The Art Of Losing – Expanded Edition by The Anchoress :

The Art Of Losing was one of my favourite albums of last year (link to my original review below) and I already have a much cherished signed vinyl version of this emotional masterpiece. But proving that you can never have too much of a good thing, The Anchoress announced an Expanded Edition which releases tomorrow but popped through my letterbox this week. Is it worth buying again? Well, yes, as someone who used to buy super expensive import Japanese discs, ‘just’ to get two extra tracks, this is an essential purchase as it reimagines five of the best tracks on the album – Show Your Face gets a haunting Piano Version, Let It Hurt has a String Quartet Version, All Farewells Are Sudden has an Acoustic Version, The Art Of Losing has an Acoustic Lounge Version and probably my favourite, The Exchange gets a beautiful Solo Piano Version.

Aside from all these riches, the new version also has a full colour 24 page booklet with new artwork and full lyrics and boy, this is an album that works beautifully as a collection of poetry as well as one of the best records of recent years. Need more? Initial copies purchased through the Bandcamp are signed by Catherine and come with an exclusive library card, exclusive to this edition. BUY. ❤

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