Kendall Loves…The Shout It Out Loudcast :

I tend to flip flop and fly between movie, wrestling and music podcasts and as I have recently been revisiting one of my first loves, the back catalogue of metal giants KISS, I suddenly wondered if there was a dedicated podcast on one of my favourite American bands ever…

It’s 2022, I could probably find a podcast discussing favourite sandwich fillings, so it was little surprise to discover a long running pod on Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. And Vinnie and Mark and Bruce and Tommy and Eric, obvs. One hundred and seventy episodes covering every era from every angle. So far, so good, but as I have learned a million times in the past when friends try to get me to listen to their fave pods, I am very ‘selective’ when it comes to the sorts of personalities I gravitate to. Luckily, Shout It Out Loudcast wins here, Tom and Zeus are just like us, sitting around discussing the band and being genuinely funny without trying to ham it up or be ‘outrageous’. Within two or three episodes I was recognising their favourite jokes and humorous references to various band members and found myself actually laughing out loud at some of their great and not so great adventures being a band who sometimes make it tough to love them.

The pod sometimes looks at certain career periods, or certain albums, the history surrounding them and how they compare with other parts of the canon. Songs might get battled against each other and it is interesting to hear two friends who obviously adore the band having quite different favourites from every era – the magic here is that I often disagree with their opinions on certain songs/albums but it is still a blast to hear them talking about albums that only I seem to know about. There’s no fan snobbery either as a recent excellent episode praising the Crazy Nights album shows, a superb show with writer Adam Mitchell who helped write songs for that album and told me things I had never heard about that period of the unmasked band and heart warming stories about Eric Carr. Crazy Nights, whilst not a fave in the days of owning 20 odd KISS albums, was the first one I owned when Crazy Crazy Nights blew up here in the UK. And the brilliance of such a pod in the age of Spotify is that I can go back and reappraise something that I don’t put in the classic category. Then again, I will fight you if you diss The Elder, so every fan is different and there is something for all of us here.

Join the fun via your favourite streaming service or click the link below. Thank you for the entertainment, Tom and Zeus, I love it (LOUD).

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