Grab The Anchoress’ Depeche Mode Cover This Bandcamp Friday :

Bandcamp Fridays are an essential time for smaller artists who can enjoy 100% of the profits from the songs bought on this day from the excellent Bandcamp site. It allows such a unique and distinctive artist as The Anchoress to continue to make emotional and deep art that might otherwise be lost to the safer Arena Rock giants.

The Anchoress has given us unique interpretations of her favourite songs before, everything from the expected Manic Street Preachers to the more surprising Pearl Jam. Today she has released a cover of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence, a song that has always been one of my top DM tracks but now has been given the Broadway sheen and Catherine Anne Davies has respectfully made it her own.

Go and grab the excellent cover version of Enjoy The Silence now, for £2 or more if you can afford it, remember that everything goes to the artist and seeing as how The Anchoress has had to cancel tour dates, this is your chance to give her more room to spread her artistic wings. You know it makes sense. ❤

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