Kendall Kompiles…My ‘The Best Of Queensryche’ :

The rules – Any officially released songs are eligible : originals, covers, remixes, instrumentals, live, whatever I want.

There has to be only 14 songs, 7 on each side, cause we are imagining this as a real record. Or cassette.

These are my choices, don’t get angry cause I left out your favourite, make your own, it’s supposed to be fun! Send yours to @Kendall_laceyUK over on the Tweetbird. 🙂

It has to flow, so no 14 ballads collections!

If there are any bands you want to fast track in the series, tweet me your ideas and if I like ’em I’ll do those first. 😉

OK? Let’s Play!


Jet City Woman
Last Time In Paris
I Don’t Believe In Love
Dark Reverie
Eyes Of A Stranger
I Dream In Infrared
Silent Lucidity

Man The Machine
Queen Of The Reich
Revolution Calling
I’m American
Operation : Mindcrime
Another Rainy Night

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