R.I.P. Dennis Waterman :

When I was a kid, Dennis Waterman was one of the coolest motherfuckers in the world. Minder was one of those ‘after nine o clock’ shows that seemed SO adult and you felt super grown up being able to stay up and watch it. George Cole and Waterman were icons to everyone of a certain age, we all wanted to be Terry McCann.

There was also the even more grimy world of The Sweeney, John Thaw and Waterman were another (earlier) iconic double team, so much so that Plan B played the Waterman role in the big screen remake. There were two films starring Thaw/Waterman back in the day too, that’s how popular these shows were. Amazing. This show lives with me to the point that I have a recurring memory of an episode where Thaw’s character was forced to drink a bottle of whiskey through a funnel. Only saw it once as a young kid, but to this day, I think of it every time I see a spirit bottle.

Younger readers might only have heard of Dennis Waterman as the punchline of a Little Britain sketch, but those scenes were lovingly put together by a pair of fans of the man, he even showed up at a live show, with David Walliams beaming, whilst dressed as the hero. He also had a great late run in New Tricks, but that seemed strange to me, how could Dennis Waterman be an old dog? Never!

Lest we forget Dennis Waterman also had a sonic career, a number of albums and a top three single with the theme tune of Minder ‘I Could Be So Good For You’. I had the seven inch as a kid and I will be giving it a play on Spotify in a moment in tribute to the great man.

Godspeed, sir.

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