Will Avatar The Way Of Water Be The Xmas Gift That Brings Fans Back To The Big Screen ?

Before the new Avatar trailer officially dropped, there were a million fan made versions on the Net, mostly from footage from the original film, the biggest film in box office history, and video game shots. When I saw the official James Cameron trailer, I was initially unsure whether this was another fan made thing, I mean, it looks the same as the first film, right?

It has been a long time since I saw the original Avatar, I mean I loved it when I saw it, but it is no Aliens, Terminator or Terminator 2, I don’t think it had that return watch magic of James Cameron’s past epics. And yet, it was an epic watch on the big screen, that seems to be its natural home. I’m sure kids are watching it on their phones in 2022, but surely it is meant for more than that? I will be seeing The Way Of Water on the biggest screen possible and it should be a killer pre-Xmas treat. What do you think?

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