Poem – You Cannot Forget What You Never Knew :

Wake up groggily
Look out onto the street through unknown windows.
It seems to be dusk
A usual time for my body to wake up
Nothing strange there.
But what is that song playing?
That terrible Shotgun thing you hear streaming out of taxis,
I’d be screaming if my Siri played it.
But then I hear humming,
Life my heavy head to scan the room.
Catch the eye of a girl,
Half dressed, half undressed,
I’d blush but then I’d give myself away.
“Hey Kendall!”
I try to fake a smile
And hide the fact I don’t know her name
Let alone her face.
It’s a nice place,
But really I just want out.
“I have to get to work…”
I exclaim,
Not sure I even believe myself.
“But you said you were off all week!”
You’d think I would be fine with single life by now
But by god it is complicated.

Small talk,
Run to the shower,
A brief kiss on the cheek
And I am out the door
With a phone number scribbled on a receipt
That I throw in the first bin I find.
Still don’t know her name
But she was much too beautiful for this fragile soul.

And to the bar to do it all again. (slight return)

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